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The Arizona Rangers provide armed assistance to any State, Local, Federal or Tribal agency in the Arizona. Rangers volunteer their time and pay for their own training and equipment. We are all volunteers and operate as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Collectively, the organization donates 82,000 hours annually.

The Arizona Rangers



Assisting State, Local, Federal and Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies


The Arizona Rangers, who are they?

Law Enforcement Assistance

The Rangers assist with a wide variety of tasks including traffic control, event security, court security, prisioner transportation and crime scene preservation. See other services.

Enhanced Law Enforcement

The Rangers in Tucson offer enhanced law enforcement services. As requests for help escalated, they ramped up training and physical conditioning for surveillance, saturation patrols, armed ride along and more.

Non Profit Assistance

The Rangers also provide event security services for many community organizations and nonprofits. We have worked with organizations like, Make-A-Wish Foundation, M.A.D.D., The Gospel Rescue Mission, S.A.L.E.F. and many more.

Special Projects

Sometimes the Rangers are called in sspecial projects. These duties vary great and include protecting the scene after airplane or train crashes. We have searched the desewrt to recover stolen cash drom a bank roberry. 

VIP Security Detail

Our Rangers have assisted with executive security for a variety of elected officials. This includes multiple Senators, Congressmen, the Vice President and even the President of the United States.

Church Security

Churches love working with the Rangers. We work with ther security teams to identify safety and security issues, train church security staff and develop emergency contingency plans. 

Arizona Rangers on Duty
Rangers training with the PoPo
Arizona Rangers on Duty


Arizona Rangers Are Not Peace Officers

The Arizona Rangers are NOT sworn peace officers. Normally, we do not have any more arrest authority than an average civilian. We do not go through the police academy, and we do not have the same extensive training as police officers do. Every Ranger is a volunteer. We understand our boundaries and assist where we can. We are well trained in those areas. Our goal is to handle the time consuming. menial tasks. This allows those police officers extra time to back each other up, protect their communities and go home to their families safely. For smaller departments, the Arizona Rangers are a force multiplier. Take a peek at some duty pics. 

Arizona Rangers on traffic duty

Creative Ways Law Enforcement Agencies Utilize the Arizona Rangers

In today’s environment of reduced budgets, staffing shortages and increased violence towards police officers, agencies are getting more creative in the ways they utilize the Arizona Rangers.  Click here for True Stories. We are a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit. Every Ranger is a volunteer.

Creative Uses

The Arizona Rangers Donated Last Year


What People Are Saying

The Arizona Rangers are a force multiplier for our small department. We use them a lot!

Manuel Amado

Chief of Police

The Arizona Rangers volunteer to put on a uniform, badge and a gun. They go into harms way to help law enforcement. Now, several of our instructors joined the Tucson Company. We volunteer time to train them. 

Micharl Meshirer

CEO - Talon Tactical Training

The Arizona Rangers work with us, they train with and we love them. They are one of us…

Commander Shonk

South Tucson Police Department

The Arizona Rangers train with us, they listen and they absorb everything. They ask great questions. When it comes time to execute, they impress us. As a Training Sargent, that is refreshing to see and it helps our officers trust them.

Sgt. Lane

Training Sargent STPD

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Public Relations Officer

Sgt. Bill Nordbrock