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The Arizona Rangers provide armed assistance to any State, Local, Federal or Tribal agency in the Arizona. Rangers volunteer their time and pay for their own training and equipment. We are all volunteers and operate as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Collectively, the organization donates 82,000 hours annually.

Traffic Control

by Dec 16, 2020Law enforcement assistance

The Arizona Rangers are called in to direct traffic for special events, serious accidents including interstate shutdowns. Recently there was a fatal automobile accident. The Pima County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Investigators need time to gather all the evidence. In some cases these calls may last for several hours. Most departments do not have additional officers on staff to direct traffic away from the scene for such a long time. In some cases, especially for smaller departments, this would leave no officers available to take other calls.

Every hour the Rangers volunteer allows peace officers the time to protect each other, and the communities they serve.

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